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We hope you will find this Upholstery Supplies Guide a useful upholstery guide resource for all your upholstery needs.

Upholstery Under Cover is for the upholstery beginner and upholstery advanced wanting to do some upholstery for the home. In my 25 years in the upholstery business and having seen many of the upholstery videos produced and sold this one by far stands miles above the rest. I myself learned many tricks of the upholstery trade that saves me tons of time.Upholstery Guide recommends these DVDs.

Leather hides for as low as $1.25 square foot? Upholstery supplies guide recommends this site for the best deal on the internet

ASK A Upholstery QUESTION? There are no stupid questions in upholstery

Looking For Lawn Chair Webbing that is so hard to find

Upholstery Fabrics retailing for upwards of 40 - 50 dollars per yard can easily be f0und on the net for 4-5 dollars. Why so inexpensive you ask? Must be defective or stained. No! Wholesalers do not always have the space to keep their upholstery inventory and therefore unload it at fantastic prices to what is called, in the industry, furnace people. They just want to burn it to make room in their warehouse for newer upholstery fabric styles. Upholstery supplies guide recommend that there are good deals on the net.

There are many things you should know when purchasing upholstery foam, such as: is it closed or open cell, what is the compression rate, what is the density, how is it sold, indoor or outdoor and if is it sold by the board foot or sheet.

Why spend lots of money on upholstery tools? Some can be purchased in any hardware store. Some you can make yourself. Buy an inexpensive foam cutting knife. Upholstery supplies guide might surprised you to what can be used.

New furniture vs that old ragged chair at the flea market. Upholstery supplies guide recommends which one you should I buy?

Can I change the legs on my chair for some beautiful Queen Anne legs?

upholstery dvd

Wholesale Leather Hides

When cleaning leather furniture you have to be very careful

How to find discount fabric on the internet Where to find discount upholstery fabric at excellent prices

Upholstery fabric and what you need to know about it Guide to buy the right upholstery fabric

Buy the right upholstery foam for the job

With all the different types of upholstery foam on the market make sure you buy the right type for your job

upholstery tools and what you need If you are looking for upholstery tools osborne are the best

Your upholstery supply and the items you need in it Some of the upholstery items you need in your upholstery supply

Upholstery sewing machine Do you need an upholstery sewing machine for upholstery

Looking for upholstery instructions Looking to make upholstery instructions easy

Upholstery tips for upholstery supplies and upholstery instructions site map Great upholstery tips for the the weekend upholsterer

Jeep zipper.Which one is best Which one is best for a jeep zipper

remove paint from fabric how to  Remove paint from upholstery fabric easily

Church pew upholstery done the right way What to know about church pew upholstery

Looking for Cheap Upholstery Fabrics online One the Best Sites to get Cheap Upholstery Fabrics is Online

What kind of upholstery stapler do you need What differnet kinds of upholstery stapler do you need for you upholstery shop.

Different types of upholstery pins and needles Different types of upholstery pins and upholstery needles

What furniture leg casters do you need for your furniture

Looking for furniture leg casters

Tips on car seat upholstery Replacing the car seat upholstery takes several hours

How to clean upholstery the right way Tips on how to clean upholstery the professional way

How to remove ink stains from upholstery fabric Removing ink stains from upholstery fabric the right way

Lipstick stain can easily be romoved with this How to remove a lipstick stain from upholstery fabric

That messy chocolate stain and how to remove it How to remove chocolate stain from upholstery fabric the easy way

red wine stainsHow to remove red wine stains from upholstery

Antique Sofa at your Grandmothers House An antique sofa are probably some the better pieces of furniture built.

upholstery batting Upholstery batting has been around a long time

A simple upholstery headboard plan that most anybody can do

Simple headboard upholstery plan to spruce up your bedroom

upholstery glue What is the best headliner upholstery glue

Upholstery thread and its uses Upholstery Thread

Making slipcovers is not an easy upholstery job

Making slipcovers is a skilled upholstery trade

Floral upholstery fabric should be centered on the furniture

Centering floral upholstery fabric takes more fabric and time

Button Making Machines are a must in the upholstery shop

upholstery button making machines to make fabric-covered buttons and upholstery buttons put an elegant, tailored, professional touch on your pillows

reupholstering furniture can be easily done by anyone

Reupholstering furniture is an art that can be mastered

invented the zipper

Who invented the zipper

Finding lawn chair webbing is difficult Lawn chair webbing is hard to find

Chair webbing is used on most older upholstered furniture Chair webbing for outside or inside

How to sharpen scissors with a hand stone How to sharpen scissors the right way

Headboard ideas are easy to think of. With headboard ideas you can use almost most anything

upholstery store In this upholstery store you can buy the best beginner DVD

Inexpensive Leather Hides for Sale

Do you need 1-2 or 10 leather hides for your next upholstery project

Upholstery Training Upholstery Training

Upholstery Questions

Upholstery Questions

privacy policy  Upholstery supplies guide privacy policy

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Leather Hides For Saleleather hides for sale at great prices and quick shipping

Buying upholstery leather hidesLooking to buy upholstery leather hides. How many sq ft do I need

Upholstery sitemapUpholstery sitemap

memory foam pads Memory foam pads, also called "temper foam" and "slow spring back foam," absorbs vibrations

Upholstery Blog from Upholstery Supplies GuideUpholstery supplies guide gives you lots of free information concerning upholstery

Upholstery supplies guide recommends that great advantage with redoing upholstery rather than buying new is that you can pick colors, patterns and upholstery fabrics that go perfectly with your rug, window dressings and overall color scheme. How often have you eyed something in the showroom, only to get it home and find it clashes? With an upholstery sampler handy, you can walk around the house with the upholstery samples and place them next to the rug, drapes, and other upholstered furniture, ensuring a good match. If you already have well made upholstered furniture, replacing it with new upholstered furniture of the same quality will likely be more expensive than getting it reupholstered.

Most upholsterers will bring you one or more books of sample upholstery supplies from which you can choose. You don't have to stick with what you had before. Many times you can also pick the grade of foam to restuff it. Foam padding comes in degrees of density. Some people prefer firm padding, while others like something a little more cushioned for their upholstery supplies.

Upholstered furniture is an expression of your personal taste and creativity. It's more comfortable than a hard, wooden chair. If you want to create the look of a bygone era, it's achievable with the right upholstery fabric. The possibilities for color, texture and durability are nearly endless. It's a way to recycle and reuse upholstery materials. Wooden and steel construction will last a long time, but fabrics wear out. There's no need to throw out the entire piece, when you can re-upholster and have a nearly new upholstered piece.

Upholstery supplies guide recommends furniture should suit the environment it will be in. Before buying or reupholstering, consider how much you plan to use the upholstered furniture, how much you're willing to spend for upkeep, and if you want maximum longevity. Durability depends on the fabric you use and its finish, among other factors. Upholstery fibers can be cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic or polyester, which become tightly woven upholstery fabrics. If your upholstered furniture will be in a family room or other high traffic area, a stain resistant finish is recommended. Leather is extremely long wearing. Other fabrics used for upholstery are velvet, chenille, chintz, suede and ultra-suede. These should receive lighter use and be treated for stain and water resistance.

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