How To Remove Blood Stains

Or Spots From Upholstery

So you have cut your finger and have blood stains on that new piece of furniture you just purchased and are not sure just what to do with that stain. Well you have come to the right place to find out. If the blood stain is fresh it will come out easily. Just follow the directions below to do the job.

Soak or rub washable upholstery fabric with cold water until the stain is almost gone, then wash with warm water and a detergent. To old or stubborn stains apply a few drops of ammonia* and wash again with detergent. On nonwashable fabric, sponge the stain with cold or lukewarm water. Sponging with a little hydrogen peroxide will usually remove any final traces of the blood. If not, use a chlorine bleach, depending on the material.Stains that have been set by heat are very difficult if not impossible to remove.

WARNING: Before making any attempts to remove spot, always test fabric for colorfastness first by applying a small amount of the cleaning solution or chemical on a hidden or unnoticeable area. The tips listed here are not guaranteed to work with every carpet, fabric or upholstered item. When using any chemical or liquid on fabric you should PROCEED WITH CAUTION. If you are unsure as to how your fabric or upholstery might be affected you should call a professional cleaning technician in your area.

Some products like hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, bleach, or alcohol can change or remove the color in some fabrics.

The most important thing to remember when cleaning upholstery is to consider the fabric. If you are unsure, you can check with the manufacturer’s information. Then, before you start in cleaning, we recommend you work first on an inconspicuous area to ensure no discoloration or damage is done.

How to clean upholstery and fine furniture is quick, easy and needs only to be done approximately once a month. You invest a lot of money in the furniture in your home, and it only makes sense that a little time every month to clean upholstery and keep it in good shape. Most of the problems with how to clean upholstery are caused by household dust settling on everything. Foot soils and food stains are also occasional problems, more so if you have children. Spots and stains happen and are not the end of the world.

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