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a Upholstery Tools Maker.

Since 1826, the C S Osborne family has dedicated itself to providing the very finest of industrial hand tools, leather working tools and upholstery tools. Ably assisted by employees who average over ten years of service to the company, the seventh generation of the Osborne family still manages the firm and continues the tradition requiring strict adherence to the highest standards of quality and service. This dedication continues to put the best possible industrial tools in the hands of the professional.

Most of their products include tools for leather, upholstery and industrial. They do not sell directly to the consumer but their tools can be bought through their distributors. All their tools are guaranteed. On the home web site of www.csosborne.com you may request a free catalog, which has many more items in it than on their site, by email , calling or writing. With the catalog they will tell you the closest distributor where you can buy their tools. I have used their products for over 25 years and recommend them highly. Below is just a few of their tools.

When looking for older or new tools make sure they are marked C.S. or H.S. Osborne and marked made in U.S.A. Older tools should be free of rust and with out nicks in blades and in good general working condition. They have made the some of the following tools over the years: Awls; stamping tools; Punches: bag, rotary, center, drive, round, point, oblong, etc; Button machines and button making supplies; chisels; claw tools; clips; cutters; shears; grommet setters; hammers; knifes; mallets; needles-grovels, harness and more; pins-t-bar, straight, plastic head, upholstery; nails; grommets; nippers; pliers; regulators; rivets; rules; snaps; setters; staple removers & lifters; ladles; stretchers; tufting tool; webbing stretchers; wire cutters; and much more.

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