Can Modern Staplers Still do the Job?

by Marilyn Krzus
(Orland Park, IL)

This should be the easiest thing I've ever done. Instead, it's become the most difficult. I purchased fabric to recover my dining room chairs, and I cut it. The problem was in stapling it onto the chair form. I started with my husband's stapler, but it was 60+ years old, and the staples weren't sinking into the wood. So I bought a Dritz stapler for upholstery--same story. So my husband went out and bought a new stapler and staples--same thing. Why won't the staples go into the wood? The staples currently in there are actually quite tiny. The staples in our new stapler are huge! So why would someone's tiny little staples go into the wood when our giant stapler can't do the job? I told my husband I could hammer the staples in all the way, but, as he said, then what's the point of getting a stapler? Should I just not both with staples and just use tacks? This has been going on for a while, and I need to get this job done. I'm stapling on top of a fold-able table right now--should I staple on the floor?? Thank you. Marilyn

Hi Marilyn

I take it that your Dritz stapler is just an ordinary hand stapler.
These do not work very well on a hardwood frame. It might be OK in softwood but not many frames are made with this type of wood.
Stapling into a groove with a hand stapler is next to impossible because the head of the stapler is not touching the wood.
The best bet is to buy a small compressor probably under $100 and an air stapler that will be somewhat more expensive for your upholstery projects.
It will make your upholstery life much easier.
Check on the internet or eBay.
There are some great deals on second or refurbished staplers and upholstery tools.

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