How to Replace the Car Seat Upholstery

Car seat upholstery in m any vintage Mustang seats are totally worn out. Here's how to rebuild.

Be advised that this isn't an easy project. It takes several hours to redo this seat, and don't have room to detail every step. If the seat frames in your car are in good shape, then figure a few hours work for doing two front seats If you're good at automotive interior work, then more power to you. Otherwise, you'll need to find a good upholstery shop near you.

New seat covers from CJ Pony Parts make this driver seat for our '72 convertible project look, well, new. After a full day's work taking the seat apart, welding the frame, cleaning and painting parts, re-covering the seat, and putting it all back together, we were rewarded with this impressive result.

Not much to say here. This driver seat is absolutely worn out and needs everything. The broken frame was so useless that it had been swapped to the passenger side so the car could be driven using the only slightly less, but still totally worn-out passenger seat. It takes some real effort to go from junk to jewel, and as these first two photos show, the effort was clearly worth it.

CJ Pony Parts stocks complete upholstery kits for all vintage Mustangs. These are the covers for one front seat. Of course, complete kits include covers for both front bucket seats and the rear seat.

New seat buns are a must for any seat-restoration project, and as you'll see, the old buns are definitely ready for the dumpster

1 Disassembly begins by separating the seat back and bottom.

2 Next, the seat tracks are removed from the seat bottom.

3 A razorblade makes short work of cutting the old upholstery off the seat bottom.

4 Before the top of the cover is removed, the bracket for the seatback latch is removed.

5 A big pair of scissors also helps to remove the old upholstery quickly. We couldn't wait to get the old covers off so we could toss them into the dumpster.

6 As we said, the seat buns are also junk. The hog rings are pulled with a pair of side cutters, and the buns quickly followed the covers into the dumpster.

7 With the car seat upholstery and seat buns removed from the seat bottom, we are greeted with a badly rusted and broken frame. Mustang Country offers used replacement frames if you want or need one, but we decided to repair this one, which, as it turned out, was possible

8 This is the broken corner of the frame and also the reason the seatback would no longer stay up, preventing anyone from driving the car

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