Where and How to Find Discount Fabric

Looking to buy discount fabric. There is a variety of places where it can be bought on the net.

Fabrics retailing for upwards of 40 - 50 dollars per yard can easily be found on the net for 4-5 dollars. Why so inexpensive you ask? Must be defective or stained. No! Wholesalers do not always have the space to keep their inventory and therefore unload fabric at fantastic prices to what is called, in the industry, furnace people. They just want to burn it to make room in their warehouse for newer fabric styles.

Most online stores sell discontinued fabrics at great prices.But if you are looking for small pieces you can find some of the best deals on Ebay. When I started playing around on Ebay and being an upholsterer I was always checking the prices of fabrics. Some of the prices I just could not believe how low they were. But one thing to check is the shipping cost before you buy. One trick is that some people give low prices on the fabric but high prices on shipping. So compare the two. And it cost nothing to join Ebay. Another place to buy small remnants is at your local upholsterer. If he is anything like me I sell it at half price or less.

Below are 15 yards of fabric being auctioned on Ebay. If you were to win the bid at $74.98 and with the shipping at $20 you would be paying $6.33 a yard shipped to your door.

Ancient Elegance!Italien Upholstery Fabric 15y Item number: 330103593471

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Starting bid: US $74.98 Place Bid > End time: 1 hour 42 mins (Apr-03-07 15:09:43 PDT) Shipping costs: US $20.00

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