Fabric has Wrinkles on the Front of each Cushtion

by Linda Longo

My husband an I just purchased a new sectional, we love the design and have only had it 3 days.

The furniture arrived Saturday and when the cushions were put in place they were wrinkled in the front of each cushion I assumed it was due to the fact they were each wrapped in plastic. Then today I noticed the fabric in the front of the chaise is not only wrinkled but the material is loose (saggy). I have never encountered this before in any furniture I had made or for that matter purchased since the passing of my Dad. I mention this because my father back in IL was partners in a very large upholstery and fabrics business that sold to upholsters and we always had our furniture made.

Ok, so is this normal? I don't think so, I took pictures and sent to the company that made our furniture. We went with them due to their reputation. I am waiting to hear back from them, because I want to give them the benefit that this is not right.

Any thoughts and suggestions. It has been 8 years since we had anything made and I am not very happy right now.

Hi Linda

No this is not normal especially if you had it made or paid a good price for it.
I can see maybe if you purchased an inexpensive sectional made in China but not something that you ordered or had made to your liking and made in the USA.

The wrinkles in the cushion is just poor workmanship.
As far as the saggy cushion there is just not enough inside to fill it.

Normally the cushion inside should be a 1/2 inch bigger on all sides so that it compresses into the cushion.

I would defiantly demand to the company to make this right
Please comment on how everything worked out.


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