Centering Floral Upholstery Fabric

When buying floral upholstery fabric with a large image you will have to buy extra. Why?. Because the large floral pattern will have to be centered on the chair or should be to have a nice finished job.

The two places it absolutely has to center is on the inside back and set cushion. Most upholsterers will also center the outside arms but some will center everywhere including inside arms, front border and panels and of course if the piece sits in the middle of a room the outside back should be done also.

Small floral fabric does not have to centered

As far as finding the center of the pattern that is up to you but once the center has be found you should use the center everywhere else.

So when buying floral fabric you must buy extra depending on how many places it is to be centered.

Below are examples of a small print and large print.

The two chairs below are mirror images with the patterns centered. Notice the flowers on the front of the arms'

Some of the most important basic fabric terminologys are warp, filling, and raveling. Pile, on the other hand refers to a surface consisting of loops of yarn sewed to a background material

Warp or warp yarn refers to the yarns in a fabric which run parallel to the selvage. The selvage is the term used to describe the border woven along the edge of a length of fabric to prevent unraveling. The filling or filling yarn is woven across the width of the fabric. The weave of a fabric is determined by the pattern in which the filling yarns and warp yarns are interwoven.

Leaving floral upholstery fabric to upholstery fabric

Leaving floral fabric to upholstery supplies guide