Looking for an Inexpensive Foam Cutter ?

Looking for a cheap upholstery foam cutter? An electric meat carving knife will do the trick. I have been doing upholstery for 25 years and this is the only cutter I have ever used. I set mine up over a table (piece of plywood) with a hole for the end of the blades to go through. With some clamps and steel bars to hold it in place this has worked great.

What happens when the blades go dull? Just order more from the company. I buy them for around 6 dollars each. The blades will last for quite awhile but it also depends on how much you cut.

If you do upholstery occasionally, a sharp utility knife will do for most jobs. Use a long straight edge to guide your knife for the cut. Also if you know someone who has a wood bandsaw, this also works great especially if you are cutting T - cushions or curves.

However if you want something better than an electric knife there is an economy cutter on the market now for around $225. It is heavy duty, with a double serrated blade, 9 inch length, free standing base and glide bearings.

C S Osbourne has some of the best upholstery tools on the market Some of their products include tools for leather, upholstery and industrial. They do not sell directly to the consumer but their tools can be bought through their distributors. All their tools are guaranteed. On the home web site of www.csosborne.com you may request a free catalog, which has many more items in it than on their site, by email , calling or writing. With the catalog they will tell you the closest distributor where you can buy their tools. I have used their products for over 25 years and recommend them highly.

If you can buy slab foam there is also a saw called U-cut. It looks something like a buck saw but with its adjustable blade, will cut in thicknesses from 1/4 inch up to 9 inch and 36 inch widths.

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