Can I Change the Furniture Feet on My Chair

Over time, furniture feet are susceptible to wear and tear that causes splintering, breakage and wearing down of the joints. Excessive sliding, moving and flopping down with force, shorten the life of any chair leg. A replacement leg can be purchased at woodworking and furniture stores. This, along with the proper tools, will extend the existence of your chair. Replacing one or more chair legs is a task that helps you avoid the more expensive option of purchasing a new chair.

Most modern couch legs, like other furniture legs, are easy to replace—the legs simply screw into the couch frame. Also, a wide variety of legs are available at home improvement stores and online retailers. You can easily find a style to suit your taste.Couch legs may need to be replaced after long use of the couch, or you may simply want a new style. New couch legs can significantly lengthen the life of an older sofa and cost a lot less than a brand new couch.

Try unscrewing the leg from the chair. If you are able to, you can buy a leg replacement with the bolt in them . To replace them just unscrew your old ones and replace them with the new.

If your legs are attached with wood screws you can buy legs with predrilled holes ready to accept the screws. Some even have a predrilled hole for a wooden dowel for added strength. Then there are legs that have a wooden block on top and these can be screwed right into the frame

If you wish to buy some furniture legs at great prices there is a site on Ebay called wholesale upholstery supplies that has a large selection of feet. Anything from tapered,Bun,large,small they seem to have it all at great wholesale price . So check them out

Another way to attach furniture feet with a bolt is with a T-nut. This system works well if you have corner blocks on the frame of your chair. To attach, drill a hole in the corner block to accept the bolt on the leg. Put the t-nut on the inside of the corner block over the hole and screw the leg into it. The barbs on the t-nut will embed in the wood and lock itself in place.

Another system are leg plates.These just screw in to the bottom of the frame with 4 wood screws. Then you just screw the leg into the plate.This is probably the easiest method.

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