What Furniture Leg Casters are

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There are many different styles of furniture leg casters. Caster wheels can be placed on all types of furniture such as chairs, tea tables, ottomans, bureaus and so on.

Also many home owners and businesses are tearing out carpeting and installing wood floors. To protect these floors you need to use a soft wheel. Although most recommendations are for a soft rubber wheel on hardwood, a soft polyurethane caster wheel can also be used on hardwood floors. Most of the office chairs that are manufactured today come with twin wheel nylon casters. This type of caster, specifically the nylon wheel, can be used on carpeting but it will mark and scratch all wood floors. It happens because the nylon wheels don't roll, they slide. When they slide, they mark or scratch the floor. So be sure to buy the right caster for your needs

Square Cup Coaster

Round Cup Caster

Black Plastic Coaster

Black Plastic Round Caster

These caster sleeves are inserted into the bottom of the leg to accept the black round plastic caster above

Threaded Caster

Traditional style iron caster with porcelain wheel is recommended for light to medium duty purposes

Service Caster also has the replacement furniture leg casters you need for seating. Replacement models for Hon, Eames, Lane, Broyhill, Ashley, Chromcraft, Steelcase, Staples selections and many more! Speak to their sales representatives for choosing the best caster for your application.

Their chair casters feature wheel tread materials for optimized rolling and protection of floors. For example, a hardwood floor will require a softer wheel, while carpet requires a denser, harder wheel. See how to measure your caster stem.

Their caster fasteners include: grip ring stem, grip neck stem, top plate, and threaded stems.

Some of their chair casters can be ordered with brakes. Brakes on some of their certain models include compression and decompression brakes; adding safety by preventing rolling while sitting or prohibiting rolling in a vacant seat.

If you wish to buy some furniture legs to put those casters on at great prices there is a site on bay called wholesale upholstery supplies that has a large selection of feet. Anything from tapered, bun, double bun, round, contour, cone, Queen Anne, Ball and Claw, large, small they seem to have it all at great wholesale prices. I have purchase from this store several times and they have excellence service. Your emails are personally returned usually within hours if not minutes.

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