A Simple Headboard Plan

Here is a simple headboard plan.

1. Measure your bed frame and decide on your how wide and tall you wish make the headboard. The bed headboard should be slightly wider, than the width of the mattress. As for height, about 18" of the headboard should be visible from the mattress.

2. Once the plywood is cut to size, cut a sheet of upholstery foam to the size of the plywood. Lay the foam over the plywood and secure it in place with foam spray adhesive

3. Cover the layer of foam with a sheet of Dacron batting. Cut it 3" to 5" larger than the size of the plywood. Wrap the batting around to the back of the frame and staple it pulling it fairly tight

4. lay out the fabric and smooth it facedown on a flat area. Set the headboard face down on top of it. Cut the fabric about 5" bigger around all the edges the wrap around the headboard.

5. Starting at the center of the top, begin stapling the fabric to the back, making sure the pattern is centered that any pattern. Pull it just enough to get the fabric smooth on the front.

6. Then when you have about 8" of the top stapled, go to the bottom edge and do the same. then do the same on the sides making sure everything is still centered . Now you can staple the fabric up the corners.When it is stapled up to the corner just pull on the leftover fabric, fold it neatly and staple to the back

7. If everything looks good, set it down and begin to secure the fabric to the sides, folding over the outer sides and stapling the fabric to the back. Make sure the corners look neat from the front.

8. Now attach it to the wall or add some legs to your new upholstered headboard.

Before you begin with your headboard idea below are some of the things you will need

staple gun


upholstery foam

Dacron batting

Upholstery fabric

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