Hog Ring Pliers

What They are Used For?

Hog ring pliers are used in countless applications and industries including upholstery. Some of the applications include fastening covers, clamping lobster traps, making steel cages, fencing etc.

In the upholstery trade they are used in the application of car seat covers. The rings are crimped on a steel bar or onto the springs of the seat. They are occasionally used in furniture to hold the bottoms of coil springs in place. But hog rings can be used in many other places in the upholstery trade.

The pliers have grooved jaws that allow slip proof action when installing the rings. The rings are placed into the jaw over the place where it is to be attached. With one squeeze of the pliers the fabric is attached.

There are two basic types of pliers. The straight are used for easily to get at places. The angled are used for hard to get places. Some are also spring loaded. The spring loaded pliers are the easier of the two to use.When the hog ring is placed into the jaws for the pliers it stays in place and can be easily squeezed into the area you want it to be.

These can be bought at most upholstery shops and at some hardware stores.

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