How to Sharpen Scissors

How to sharpen scissors takes some skill but can be done. The edges of both scissors and shears should not be honed smooth. They are designed to break through fibers, not to slice them, and the blades should therefore be sharpened only on the coarse face of the stone. Both scissors are sharpened at a steep angle. The blades should meet and bear lightly on one another. If they do not, try tightening the pivot screw, or hammering the pivot down.

- Hold the beveled edge of one blade against a sharpening stone.

- Match the angle as closely as possible and slide the blade forward diagonally along the stone, moving from the end toward the screw (point to pivot).

- Repeat with the other blade, again matching the angle.

- Open and close the scissors a few times to knock off any burrs that might be left. scissor if you have a big enough piece of aluminum foil.

When you are done you should have a scissors that is sharper then when you started.

Some people say this will work to sharpen the blades

To sharpen a scissor all you need is an old used piece of aluminum foil. You can use a new piece of aluminum foil but why do that when an old piece will work just fine and you are going to throw it away anyway. Recycling is great and this is a great way to recycle an old piece of aluminum foil.

Take the aluminum foil and fold it up a few times. Keep the aluminum foil as flat as you can when you fold it up. Then take the scissors that needs to be sharpened and cut the aluminum foil with it several times. Eight or nine times should be enough to sharpen scissors. You can even sharpen more then one

leaving how to sharpen to upholstery tools

Leaving how to sharpen scissors to upholstery supplies guide