Remove Fabric Wrinkles with Jiffy Steamers

Jiffy steamers is the solution for you if that upholstery job you just did has wrinkles in the fabric. Solution. This machine wipes away wrinkles quickly and easily with a strong continuous flow of warm, moist steam. Depending on the size of wrinkle and type of fabric in most cases you can get it to shrink considerably or even disappear completely. The steamer can be purchased at most upholstery outlets.

The steamer has 16 types of models to choose from. So whether you are operating a large shop or just doing the occasional upholstering they will have the model for you.

Gently touch the fabric with the head and the wrinkles should vanish. Do not over do it. Be careful with velvets and silks. Do not touch the velvet and silk fabric with the steam head. You should always do a test on a scrap piece first. If your fabric is wrinkled before it is installed try steaming from the underside. If you buy a steamer with the hose always steam with the hose up.

Other uses for this machine in the upholstery trade are to flatten out the skirting, arm covers, and if you use the old fabric for a pattern, the steamer will flatten out these . I also use it in my shop for a humidifier.

The steamer is also used to replace that ironing board to take out wrinkles in most clothes fabrics.

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