Jute Webbing on Inside Back Yes or No?

by Julia

I have a chair (picture attached) that I'm reupholstering. When I pulled it apart, the back only had a layer of fabric for the back, a layer of burlap, and another layer for the front. To me, this seems odd because the only thing supporting the back when you sit on it is the fabric and burlap. Should I add webbing to it between the two layers of fabric? If so I was thinking two strips vertically and 4 horizontally. Is that enough or will the gaps between them be too large and you'll be able to feel it when you sit? Thanks!

Hi Julia

The inside back does not need the support like the seat does.
It does not surprise me that there was no jute webbing in the back of the upholstered chair. But these does not mean you cannot use it.

The upholstered seat takes all of the weight of the person and needs to be supported with several strands of jute webbing and attached preferably with upholstery tacks.
But these days with with air staplers staples long enough will do the trick.

I would just use one strand vertically and horizontally. Anymore would just be overkill.
Then you can cover webbing with a burlap or excess fabric.
Then place your foam on the burlap.
The foam can be glued into place so it does not shift when you reupholster the inside back.
A layer of Dacron will give you a nice finish to your project.

If you are not sure how to apply jute webbing there are many videos on You Tube that show you the right way to apply webbing to the furniture frame.

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