Where to Buy Lawn Chair Webbing

Lawn chair webbing is something frugal vermonters hate to throw away. So when their folding chairs need webbing, where do you turn. I searched high and low for the 3¼" replacement chair webbing used on older lawn furniture.

I found one online store for webbing on eBay called Wholesale_Upholstery_Supplies This little site also has a great selection of furniture legs at greatly reduced prices

That little re-webbing replacement kit once so common in hardware stores is now rarer than outhouses in Muskoka. After a fruitless search through the websites of possible sources – Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Wal-Mart, Home Depot – and then several phone calls to their head offices I found none.

Sue Reno, owner of Outdoor Care in California, doesn’t know much about cottaging in Canada’s north country, but she does know a thing or two about keeping good serviceable outddor furniture going and sells the replacement parts for hundreds of models and styles from her website. But even she doesn’t carry the sought-after chair webbing replacement kit. “Most people just throw those chairs out,” she says sadly.

Sometimes on auction sites and you can bid on vintage or retro aluminum lawn chairs to get original webbing. Auction sellers sometimes will have authentic or vintage webbing in lengths of 30 feet or so. Clean out old sheds, garages and attics can reveal aluminum chairs with webbing worth rescuing. Search local resale furniture stores to find frames with webbing still intact.

Occasionally you can purchase lawn chair webbing through businesses selling replacement webbing kits. Vermont Country Store sells kits the company calls a "chair webbing replacement kit". Cherwell Products Co. Inc., also doing business as Frost King, makes a lawn furniture re-webbing kit that is sold in hardware stores and through online retailers. Discount stores and home improvement stores may sell webbing replacement kits on a seasonal basis. Call ahead to make sure they are in stock. Older hardware stores are also good places to check for lawn furniture re-webbing kits.

To know how much you need to purchase take a measuring tape (or a length of twine you can measure later), measure the length of the strap you'll need. The tape or twine will need to go over the hole or slot in the frame, around the frame, over to the other side, and then around the frame again to cover the opposite hole or slot. Then multiply this length by how many straps you will need. If you need strapping for more chairs just multiply this figure by the amount of chairs you have. This seller sells the lawn chair webbing in rolls of one hundred feet.

One advantage with these is that they are fairly comfortable and very light to stroll down to the beach or to your favorite fishing hole with.

Leaving chair webbing replacement to upholstery supply

Leaving lawn chair webbing replacement kit to upholstery supplies guide