Want to buy Inexpensive Leather Hides

Where can you buy your upholstery leather hides at wholesale prices.

More-Than-Leather.com has hundreds of upholstery and automotive hides to sell at low low prices.

Here at More Than Leather we scour the country for companies with excess inventory and sell to you at the very low wholesale prices.

And now we have sign on with a major company in the US to sell multiples of 10,20 30 or more in the same dye lot at extremely good prices.

We will also supply you with samples mailed out the same day as most of our sales are.

This little business has been growing everyday. They also sell on other sites such as Ebay and Bonanza but you can get a better deal emailing us direct. Ebay has very high fees as one recent sale of $795 I had to pay $85 in fees. This could be your savings

So have a look on the site and get yourself a deal. Email Dave, morethanleather@hotmail.com who is from Tennessee,USA or Steve stephenstickles@sympatico.ca who is in Quebec Canada for your best prices.

We answer all emails personally. And if you are not 100% happy with your purchase you can send it back and be refunded.

If you would rather shop on Ebay you can go to our store Wholesale Upholstery Supplies and do your shopping there. While there check our 8000 feedback reply's., As of this writing we had top rated status which means

Must consistently earn 4 or 5 star ratings from eBay buyers for delivering excellent service, shipping quickly, and providing accurate item descriptions. plus Icon Must sell $3,000 or more and complete a minimum of 100 selling transactions on eBay every year. plus Icon Are regularly reviewed by eBay for compliance with these standards.

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