Making Slipcovers in Different Styles

Before you throw out your worn out couch or chair consider making slipcovers as a practical way to enhance and renew what you already own.

Making a slipcover is a whole different trade than upholstery. Not all upholsterers do slipcovers or can do slipcovers.

When doing the slipcovers each piece has to measured exactly so that the final cover will fit tight but also easy to install.

Or ready made furniture covers are also a great choice. Fitting a cover to a tired-looking or outdated piece of furniture can instantly improve its appearance, giving it a new lease of life - not to mention saving you the hassle and expense of re-upholstery.

Slipcovers offer so much. They are...

- easy to care for - pet and child-friendly - removable and washable - Easier than re-upholstery - give old worn furniture a brand new look - lets you keep your favorite chair or sofa - makes mis-matched pieces blend together - provides a change of season - transforms the whole room - protects good upholstery - feeling of easy comfort

Custom slipcovers (not the throw-on, one-size fits all kind) are great because they still show the contours of the furniture, they are stylish, relaxed and inviting and they make a room look great! Slipcovers are a great way to give the old a new look. People love covers because they can be washed easily. But putting them back on can be quite a chore.

There is just something refreshing about knowing your furniture is clean. If you suffer from allergies, cleaning your furniture easily can even make you feel great! But, there are a some things I have learned about caring for slips. Most home decor fabrics have not been treated for laundry detergent brighteners. So be careful when washing the fabric that you use a detergent that does not contain ingredients that will cause the slipcover to fade or change color.

Below are some photos of covers using different colors of fabric. These were done by a company,Buffalo Gals,in Texas

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