New box cushions with wavy piping

by Anne

I had new box cushions made for our camper. After not much use, the cording is wavy and i do not like the looks of it. Is it because fabric has stretched or something? They did not cover with Dacron and I'm thinking perhaps covers are bigger than foam. If i cover with thick Dacron, will that help?


Hi Ann

I do not think covering the foam with Dacron will help this problem much.
Dacron is used more to make the finished look of your cushion look better and smoother. It also works like an under pad for carpet to keep the fabric from wearing out before its time.

The wavy piping could be due to when sewing your piping to the main fabric the fabric is being stretched.
When this happens after you have sewn you piping , the main fabric pulls back and leaves the piping with the wavy look. So in other words do not stretch the main fabric when sewing your piping on to it.

The other reason that this might be happening is the foam insert is not big enough.
I always cut my foam at least one half inch bigger on than the finished cushion box.

One more thing that can be done is is once the foam is inserted into the cushion box run your hand around the inside and place the raw edge of the piping in the same direction.
When some of the raw edge of the piping is placed down and some on top of the foam it can cause this wavy effect.

Foam will also have an effect on the appearance of you finished cushion box.
When you use a inexpensive foam it tends to compress very fast.
I know foam is expensive but buying a good quality foam with a fairly high compression and density rate with make your cushions look good for a long time.

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