How to install Pli-grip

Finishing your edges with pli-grip is now super easy and super fast with this flexible metal teeth fastener which is known as curve ease.

It is normally sold in 100 foot rolls but

can be purchased in small quantities in stores on eBay or other site that sell upholstery supplies. There are lots of ways to use this product and some people have posted on You Tube just how it can be used in the upholstery trade. There is one video below that shows how it can be used. I recommend using this product as it it is a real time saver

It's a continuous, coiled fastener that's flexible enough for the most radical twists, bends and curves. It won't buckle, and it eliminates sewing, double welting and gimp tacks.

Here I have used it on a straight edge but is used more for curves.

Put the edge with the single hole towards the welt and drive one leg of the staple in the hole. Do this to all the holes.

Staple Pligrip next to welting and bend the tabs to a 45 degree angle

Tack you piece on using a cardboard tacking strip

Pull you fabric down and tack or pin it temporarily in place. Using a piece of chalk run it over the tabs of the curve ease.

Cut the fabric 1/2 inch from the chalk and tack the bottom in place

Take a screwdriver and push the 1/2 inch excess fabric into the curve ease and push the tabs down with your finger.

You are suppose to use a rubber mallet to lock down the tabs tight but I use a tack hammer. If you use the hammer be careful not to hit to hard

Next finish tacking the fabric and the finished product should look like this. This product is ideal for curves but also can be use on straight edges also

Below is a video from Rowley that explains the use of pli-grip further

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