Ideal removel remedy for red wine stains

I found this remedy to remove red wine stains on clothes and carpets but I am sure it will work on upholstery fabric. Always test a small area first before using this stain removal help

Patty S. initially wrote us saying .. This is absolutely foolproof for any laundered items! Mix Dawn dish washing liquid soap with hydrogen peroxide...then pour on for the wine stain removal and let sit as a presoak. Neither of these ingredients works by itself. You must use BOTH. You'll actually see the wine stains disappear as you drizzle the mixture on a stain! I have used it to take major red wine stains out of ALL clothing and table cloths (regardless of the color of the item). I have used it on old dried stains and stains that were laundered, bleached and subsequently turned "yellow". OLD, old stains have been successfully removed. Just make sure the soap/peroxide mixture is relatively fresh. I used some the other day that was a few months old (I keep a bottle on my washing machine and pre-treat clothes as I see them coming through on wash day) and it did not remove a particularly large stain completely.

The T-shirt went through the washer and dryer before I realized that my mixture had "weakened". I mixed up a new batch and the second time around was PERFECT! You'll be amazed. (side note: the peroxide will turn the blue dishwashing liquid to a clear color--that does not reduce its effectiveness!) With this mixture there is NO NEED for any bleach even on the whitest of whites! Keep on drinking that tasty red wine with confidence! This is so effective that we have become absolutely careless about spilling wine...and our wine tastings have become an absolute blast because clean up is absolutely CARE FREE. Believe me! You gotta try this! Thanks for a GREAT website!

She then wrote back saying:

What a blast it was to receive your e-mail and then to see the message above! hahaha! (thought ..."he's not talking about ME, is he"?) Then I went to your website and reviewed all the comments on cleaning red wine stains. Is this my 15 minutes of fame?! I got such a kick out of all of the excitement of this wonderful tidbit of information. All this started going to my head! Actually, a friend gave me the "recipe" after I sloshed red wine down the front of a mustard-colored turtleneck sweater. I knew the sweater was ruined (not to mention my embarrassment for having to go through the rest of a formal dinner with red wine streaked down my front!). Anyway, that is when I learned from "Nancy O." this wonderful concoction that has saved countless clothes and fabrics from red wine stains.

Recipe? Well, there is no exact formula. And I always thought it had to be Dawn, so I never changed the brand. I think it does not matter what the final mixture ratio is, except that I always go heavier on the peroxide because that is what is doing the bleaching. In fact, I keep my bottle of mixture on the washing machine, and I have a bottle of peroxide nearby, so every once in a while I throw some more peroxide in it just to keep it "fresh".

Now here is the latest update to my discovery of this remarkable red wine stains remover. (This is where I discovered Dawn is not essential as the "soap"). First of all, why is it that so many of us red-wine drinkers have white carpeting? But I do have white carpeting and the other day we sloshed a little bit on it. I grabbed for the peroxide because I didn't really want a thick soap residue on the carpet. Anyway, I poured the peroxide on the spots and rubbed, but they were still there. I was surprised, but then I grabbed a spray bottle in which I had diluted a solution of water and Bissell Fiber Cleansing Formula (I use it for general "spot" cleaning of the carpet). As soon as this diluted rug shampoo came in contact with the peroxide already on the red wine stains...poof! all gone.

Therefore, to make a long story short, I believe that any soap will probably work, and that it probably should be soap appropriate for the fabric (e.g. rug shampoo for carpets, Woolite for wool fabrics, dishwashing soap for washables, etc.) I think the soap helps make the stain soluble for the peroxide to work, as I discovered the stain would not budge with peroxide until I applied soap. Again, I don't think it takes much soap in any "recipe" to make the peroxide work.

Here are but a few of the comments we've received Cynthia B. .. And once again, Patty S.'s Dawn and peroxide mixture saves the day. Antique Agra rug. Hairballing cat. Even after I spot treated there was an ugly stain. I was afraid to try Patty's remedy because I thought it might bleach the color out of the rug and look worse. So I put it off for almost two weeks. Finally I gingerly applied the mixture and quickly blotted it out with water. It took a few tries, and it's not perfect (perhaps because I was being so cautious). But the stain virtually disappeared--you would never notice it unless you really knew where to look. Even my mother couldn't find it. Now I can relax and live with my rug knowing I have an insurance policy against stains. And my husband can keep his cat. Thanks for the peace of mind! Cynthia B. Cynthia A. .. I followed the suggestion of Patty S. with a slight variation. I didn't have any Dawn in the house, so I tried it with Dove dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide. Red Wine stains on couture wool & lycra pants I paid $250.00 for. I used a q-tip for application, let it sit for about 15 minutes, damp rag several times to remove any soap, then dry rag. Woulah! No more red wine stains. I couldn't believe it. I thought it was hopeless. That one works! Spencer .. Thanks to Patty again for the red wine stain remover recipe. Worked like a charm. It also worked on a tea stain that had been in the carpet for two years. Same result, the stain just disappeared as I sprayed the mixture on. Cheryl L .. Patty S.'s formula for removing red wine stains is awesome. I could have saved many articles of clothing had I know about this a few years ago. But last night after my daughter and I collided while I was carrying a glass of red wine I was in a stark panic. I had on my new (favorite) night shirt from the Hard Rock Cafe. The shirt was pink and it was covered in red wine. We searched the net, found Patty's formula and it worked. It looks like new this morning. I'll never forget this formula. Thanks so much! Rosey H ... I did exactly what Patty said thinking that it wouldn't work, as I had already washed the tablecloth. But to my amazement it all came out. Thank you Patty. Dave ... Just another rave about Patty S's formula. Someone spilled wine down the back of my *favorite* shirt New Year's Eve. I had just bought it, so I went back to try to get another one, but they had already sold them all. Dejected, I thought I'd try the web.

It took two tries (I didn't get the right mix the first time - or maybe I didn't let it soak long enough), but now my shirt is as good as new .Thanks Patty!!

Joseph P ... I want to thank your site and Patty S. for averting a disaster. One of our pets accidentally broke a bottle of Merlot that had been placed on our living room terrazzo floor and the damage was not noticed for two days. By that time, the wine had penetrated the sealer, left a purple stain about seven feet by three feet and would not respond to soap and water or bleach. I read the suggestion by Patty S. (Dawn dishwashing liquid and peroxide) and applied it to the stain. It took two applications, probably because the first peroxide I used was old. More than half of the stain was gone after the first application and completely disappeared after the second using fresh peroxide. In the bargain, I dumped the rinse water used to pick up the Dawn/peroxide solution from the floor into the bathtub and it removed stains on the floor of the tub that were there almost since it was installed. My wife and I still cannot believe the effectiveness of this combination on wine stains. Cathy R ... Thanks Patty S.!!!! Your Dawn and Hydrogen Peroxide mixture was a smashing success!! My husband split a full (naturally) glass of red wine on our beige carpet the night before my parents were due for a week long visit! I tried blotting the red wine stains up with vinegar, white wine, and even Resolve Carpet cleaner - nothing removed the red wine stains! I finally gave up and went to bed. The next morning I searched the Internet and found your mixture. I thought, why not? What do I have to lose? I tried it and was flabbergasted! The second I poured it on the stain, it began to disappear!! No rubbing, scrubbing, blotting, nothing - just pouring! It was incredible!! I tried it on all the other little stains all over the house, and it removed them all! I now have a bottle mixed up at all times. Thank you very much Patty!! Ira H. ... I used the dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide solution on a large wine stain that i found on our wool carpet new years day. it was a very large stain..looked like someone knocked over a whole glass of wine and of course said nothing. it came up immediately and even brightened the carpet colors. this is the best home remedy ever..thanks so much for the info........I.V.H. Cheryl T. ... OH MY GOD!!! Patty S., wherever you are, you are a genius and I owe you BIG TIME!!! If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it. Like the bonehead I am, I managed to spill a glass of merlot on a friend's SILK BLEND BRIGHT WHITE SHEETS (BRAND NEW - first time on the bed...arrgghhhh)I was so upset, I told him I would clean the stain, when really I knew it was hopeless and I was going to run out the next day and buy some new ones.....BUT! When I saw how much they cost, I got on the internet and voila' - Peroxide mixed with Dawn dish soap removed the entire red wine stains completely and totally. They look brand new again and I am in your debt. Thank you for sharing. Cheryl T., Mobile, Alabama

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