Replace a wicker panel with a fixed upholstery cushions

by Memory Ferreira
(South Africa)

My old sofa

My old sofa

My old sofa This is what I want the finished project to look like

I have an antique lounge suite sofa with two chairs. I want to revamp this set by covering it with upholstery leather. I however do not want loose upholstery cushions as they always move around. Please let me know if you think it will be possible to give these pieces a solid fixed leather upholstery cushion on the seat and the back panels a fixed leather cushions. The sofa will have to have 3 separate panels at the back as to not spoil the woodwork. I am including two photos. One of my old sofa and a picture of what I would like to do.

Hi Memory
Yes this is by all means possible. You can use plywood as the base for your upholstered seat and 3 back upholstery cushions. If you want to tuft the seat cushions and or back panels you can just drill holes in the plywood where the buttons will go. Then when you are ready to insert buttons push your needle through the leather and foam and into the hole in the plywood. Then pull as tight as you wish and staple into place. Use short staples in case you have to adjust.
You can do this on the back cushions also but will have to put a piece of thin foam over the stapled string so that it does not show through the leather.
Next you will have to adapt the couch and chair frame to be able to screw down the seat and the back cushions.
For the seat cushions you could just add some strips of wood across the the base of the seat frame.
Then just screw your screws in from the bottom through the strips into the plywood base
For the back cushions you might have to drill some counter holes to screw the back panels to the frame. Then fill the holes in after with wood plugs or a wood filler.
Good luck on your project
Any other ideas feel free to comment please feel free to comment

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