Reupholster Dining Room Chairs without Plywood Base

Hello, I picked up these dining room chairs at the Goodwill and I'd like to recover the seats. Unfortunately, unlike many other dining room chairs, these do not have a plywood base that I can easily remove, recover and replace.

What is the best (or at least the easiest!) way to recover these? I'm thinking maybe the solution is to lose the webbing (which is pretty much shot in one of the chairs anyway) cut some plywood to fit the seat, and then secure the newly covered pad to the corners. It would be a bit tricky due to the placement of the back and arms at the corners... I'd have to make cut outs to accommodate where the arms and back attach to the seat. Should I cut the plywood to fit within the chair seat frame (resting only on the 1/4" recessed triangular corners)thereby exposing the wood around the seat base that was not previously exposed, or cut the plywood to fit right to the outer edges of the seat frame?

I would really appreciate any guidance you can give me on this project.

I would cut the plywood to fit right to the edge if this is the route you chose to go.
You could use a stiff paper or cardboard to cut a template for the plywood.

The next thing you could do it re-web the chair with jute webbing or if you wanted spring to the seat try rubber webbing. Then just add foam or padding with Dacron as the final cover and wrap the fabric around the rails and staple on the bottom.
I have include a picture with this type of upholstery look.

Another alternative would be to staple just past the outer edge and cover the staples with gimp or decorative nails.

Hope these ideas help you and others for this project.

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