Re-uphotstering a Channel Back Chair

by Peggy
(Anacortes, WA)

Original fabric on channel back chair

Original fabric on channel back chair

I am re-upholstering a channel back swivel rocker chair.
The back is curved and the channels flair out in a fan. The original fabric was stitched right through 2 inch foam.
I do not have a machine that can stitch through 2 inch foam. Do you know what I can do to replicate this look?
I have an industrial straight stitch machine (not a walking foot machine) I have practiced stitching through one inch foam with some success.
I was going to stitch through 1 inch and then layer another 1 inch foam piece behind it, securing them together with foam glue. Would you have a better suggestion? Do any of your videos show how to upholster a channel back chair? Thank you for your help, Peggy

Hi Peggy

Stitching through 2 inch foam even with a industrail machine is not easy.
The best way to do this is get fairly strong materiel for the backing.
You will mark lines on front of the backing the same measurement as the front of your fanned chair.
Example if the fan shape starts at 2 inches at the bottom and goes to 4 inches at the top in a distance of 24 inches this is the way you will put your lines.
Then on the front fabric you will mark the lines on the back.
You start at the bottom 6 inches and go to the top 8 inches over the same 24 inch distance
This is to allow for your 2 inch foam.
Then you line up the two lines and sew them together
When finished, the front will have loose material.
This is to allow the foam to be inserted.
You then cut your foam 2 inches at he bottom to 4 at the top over a distance again 24 inches.
You will have to have a piece of foam for each sleeve.
Then you can pull the foam into the sleeve starting at the top.
Once you have all the pieces of foam inserted it should give you that fan look.
You might have to adjust the measurements to get the perfect look.

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