Rubber webbing can be an alternative to traditional upholstery springs

Rubber webbing is a great alternative to springs in many types of furniture, mainly those that have a flat surface (i.e. Morris chairs, Mission-style chairs, dining chairs, rattan furniture, lounge chairs, etc.) When stretched across the frame and secured with special clips, the surface gives an extremely durable, solid foundation that is very comfortable, with just the right amount of bounce and give. Not all strapping is made of the same quality. Strapping made by Pirelli, is the company reknown thoughout the world for their high-quality products.

Pirreli has the best quality of the various elasticated strapping on the market. It maintains its elastic properties for years and does not keep stretching as do many cheaper strapping. This strapping can be tacked or stapled into place or with special clips. A world leader of these products, it is made of the highest quality, with a width of 2 inches. Thickness is 1/16" , actually 1.5/16th's if there's such a number. It doesn't stretch that much, so be sure to measure true to size (i.e. measure the full length or width that you need, and be sure build in extra lengths so you can pull it taut and have enough to work with when fastening to the clips.

Often times, when replacing old strapping, it appears that the strapping width is 1.75 - 1.5 inches. That is because it has shrunk. The standard width of new strapping (and that of the clips) is two inches wide.

Elastic straping is a product that can be used in place of rubber straping. It's less expensive and lasts longer then traditional rubber webbing because the actual elastic is covered and not exposed directly to the air. It can be stapled to the top of furniture frames, with foam put over the webbing as a seat base, instead of coil or No-Sag springs. Saves time and money!

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