Upholstery Batting and where to use it

Felt or cotton upholstery batting has been the mainstay for years and continues to enjoy enormous popularity as a type of padding. It is excellent as a cover over springy and resilient fiber padding , such as horsehair or cortex because it will prevent the fibers from working through the cover. It is normally sold by the pound and sold in bales.

I use it to the cover over springs on the deck of the chair or couch. Can also be used for the inside back and arms.

I recommend using Dacron over the batting to smooth out any lumps.

Dacron, in the upholstery trade, is also known as Terylene, Kodel, Poly wrap or polyester, Cushion wrap, Holfil, Fiberfill and some others. While there are some differences between these products, they are all used for similar purpose in upholstery padding. They are used to give non-compressing wrap/finish to cut foam shapes or any uneven areas. Dacron is not prone to crushing and is manipulated to fill in imperfections in a cushion once the fill is inserted. This product is also very sanitary. Unlike some of the old horsehair products that are occasionally found in antique furniture, there is noting in it to support molds, mildews or any kind of parasitic life. Dacron will retain their given shape better over time than down fill or some lower density foams.

Dacron is normally sold by the pound and comes in rolls 27 or 54 inches wide. It can be anywhere from 1' to 1 1/2" in thickness and can be split up through the middle to give a thinner material for use as a cushion wrap. A 27 ' roll weighing around 13 pounds with give you proximity 70 -80 feet of goods.

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