What is the best Headliner Upholstery Glue

What is the best upholstery glue for headliners. Lets remove the board first

1 Remove headliner board from the automobile.You will also have to remove side trim, sun visors, dome lights act. that attached to the board.

2 When the headliner is removed from the auto, carefully remove old fabric and foam from board. Use a bristle brush or fine sandpaper to remove foam. Be careful not to damage the board

3 Lay the board down and put the new fabric over the board allowing extra fabric to hang over the sides.

4 Pull back 1/2 of the headliner and apply spray glue to the foam backing and the board. Make sure it is heat resistant other wise it will not hold.

One of the best glues would be landau cement. It's the stuff designed for putting vinyl roofs on. Heat resistant, and if you spray both pieces and let the dry for a few minutes you can reposition your pieces before you apply pressure to make the bond permanent. Another glue is 3M super trim adhesive. Contact cement is another and can be rolled on.

5 Lightly press down the fabric with the palm of your hand and work your way to the outer edges from the center and not to leave any air pockets.

6 Repeat this step for the other half

7 Trim any excess off the outer edges and cut any holes that are necessary for lights or sun visor.

Below is a finished liner

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