Upholstery Instructions on DVD

If you looking for some upholstery instructions these Instructional Upholstery DVDs cover all aspects of upholstery and serve to pass along the expertise in this trade. It is the goal to make
the Art of Upholstery easy to understand and learn so that it can be taught for generations to come.

You will learn the basic upholstery techniques of how to upholster on our Introductory Upholstery DVD. Further upholstery knowledge can be attained in our more Advanced Upholstery DVD. It is our goal to help you learn how to upholster easily and quickly. Our upholstery instructions are very easy to follow.

Visual learning is a super way to learn and these two DVDs are the best I have ever seen....I found these beginner and advanced upholstery DVDs to be the best on the market. It is one of the easiest to understand. The upholstery instructions are clear and precise...In my 25 years and having seen many of the upholstery videos produced and sold this by far stands miles above the rest.”

Steven of Upholstery Supplies Guide.com

”Upholstery DVD's arrived in mail on Tues, 11/10, watched yesterday, and was very pleased. They are of professional quality, well lit, and the close up details were excellent. Thank you for producing such a comprehensive upholstery teaching tool. I will restart my ottoman project this weekend. “

Sylvia, Georgia

”I got both upholstery DVD's today and I am so happy. These are by far the BEST upholstery tapes I have ever seen. Thanks so much! You have a great product. I wish you the best! Thanks!”

Alice, Michigan

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the upholstery Dvd's. Not only are you good at your trade but you are a very good teacher as well. The upholstery Dvd's are very easily understood thank you for passing this on to others.”

Bonnie, Richmond, Ontario

“I bought both of your upholstery DVD's and enjoyed them both! Much better than the one's I had purchased from someone else years ago.“

Shane via email

“I received the upholstery videos and they are great (especially the close up detail).”

Marcelle, Toronto, Ontario

"I ordered your upholstery DVD set and received it a few days ago. I finally had time to watch yesterday. I am so pleased that I found your product and ordered it! Your upholstery instructions are clear and very easy to understand. I look forward to completing the upholstery project I have started (an occasional chair) and the one I have waiting (an antique sofa). I know using your upholstery videos will make my job much easier."

Judy, California

Learn to Upholster - Beginner Level

This instructional upholstery DVD will teach you beginner upholstery instructions. Through detailed close ups and narration, you’ll be guided step-by-step on how to create toss pillows, upholster dining seats, make a box cushion, create upholstered cornice boxes and headboards, and also upholster a Bergere chair.

Upholstery techniques such as piping, invisible hand sewing, button application, show wood touch-up and foam unit preparations are demonstrated so you can complete your upholstery projects with a professional flair. Once you watch this DVD you will have the knowledge to complete your upholstered project with skill and ease.

What you will Learn:

Basic Tools
Fabric Fundamentals
Pullover Dining Seat
Boxed Dining Seat
Toss Pillows with Piping & Fringe
Hand sewing Techniques
Boxed and piped Cushion
Foam Unit cutting and preparation
Cornice (Valance) Box
Bergere Chair & Wood Touchups

And many more tips and tricks!

2 disc set, run time 3 hours and 15 min.

Learn to Upholster - Advanced Techniques

This instructional upholstery DVD will build on the techniques shown in the Learn to Upholster Beginner's DVD. Through detailed close ups and narration, you'll be guided step-by-step on how to re-upholster an occasional chair and a wing chair, how to tie coil springs, use webbing and no-sag springs, perfect diamond tufting and pleating techniques and complete an antique loveseat.

Many upholstery tips and tricks and finishing methods are shared so that your project will look like it was professionally crafted.

What you will Learn:

Basic Frame Repair
No Sag Spring & Webbing
Coil Spring Tying
Matching Patterns
Facings & Pleats
Diamond Tufting
Semi-Attached Cushion
Finishing Methods
Tips & Tricks
Wing Chair
Antique Loveseat
Occasional Chair

3 disc set, run time 5 hours

How to Sharpen Scissors.

Remove paint from Fabric

Reupholstering Furniture

Auto Repair Upholstery

Upholstery Zipper

Upholstery pearls


Antique Sofa

Making Slip Covers

Custom Motorcycle Seat

Church Pew Upholstery

Car Seat Upholstery

Upholstery Yardage Chart

Headboard Ideas

Headboard Plan

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