Which upholstery springs are the most comfortable

Do you remember seeing upholstery springs sticking up out of that old chair that should of been thrown out years ago but hasn't because it is so comfortable? The springs you see are coil and if they are installed the proper way they will always outlast the upholstery of the chair. This was the main construction for years and is by far the most comfortable. The reason this system is not used today is because it is very time consuming to construct. If you are considering having an upholsterer do your chair or sofa with coil springs expect a higher cost to reconstruct and retie the springs. If this is the case do not skimp on the fabric, because remember, if the spring construction is done right they will outlast the fabric. In other words, the chair will only last as long as the fabric does.

If you are looking for good furniture go to your local flea markets or auctions and pick up that old 50's or 60's piece for 10-15 dollars. The reason being is that the wooden frames in those days were made of hardwood and glued together with corner block. The heavier the chair normally means the better the frame. Make sure it has coil springs. Having a chair like this upholstered will last you many many years. Go to your local furniture store and try lifting the furniture. Sometimes you can pick it up with one finger. Why? Because the frame is made from softwood or plywood which is not a very strong frame.

The springs used in today's furniture are zig-zag springs. The reason for this is that they are very quickly installed. One end is attached to the front rail and the other to the back rail. Because of all the tension, it can cause the rail to warp or even break. Also the clips that hold the end of the springs to the frame can break. If you have ever looked under your chair and seen a spring coiled up it normally is because a clip let go or broke.

There are pre-made coil units on the market today that just attach to the chair rails. These are better than the zig-zag but not nearly as comfortable as coil upholstery springs.

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