What Kind of Upholstery Stapler

Do You Need

You definitely need an air upholstery stapler for your refinishng job. Electric will work but not as well as air.

But air staplers require an air compressor. If you are just beginning or doing some small jobs, buy a small compressor with a 10- 15 gallon tank preferably, which can be bought for under $100 at most stores. Just make sure it has pressure up to 90 pounds. Most staplers run on 50 -100 pounds of air. The larger a compressor's tank the less often the motor needs to come on New compressors often come with some accessories. You need at least a straight hose with quick release couplers at both ends.

Again for the air gun it does not have to be top of the line and one can be purchased for under $100.

Buy different sizes of staples and used the smallest size you need. That way if you make a mistake you can easily untack the fabric. When everything is right use the larger staple to hold down the material securely.

C S Osbourne has some of the best upholstery tools on the market.

Some of their products include tools for leather, upholstery and industrial. They do not sell directly to the consumer but their tools can be bought through their distributors. All their tools are guaranteed. On the home web site of www.csosborne.com you may request a free catalog, which has many more items in it than on their site, by email , calling or writing. With the catalog they will tell you the closest distributor where you can buy their tools. I have used their products for over 25 years and recommend them highly.

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