Your Upholstery Supply

In your shop you should have a good upholstery supply of materials on hand. Depending on how much recovering you do, always keep the most important things in stock.

For padding I would keep a roll of white cotton used to cover springs,inside arms and backs. It can also be used on the outside arms. Dacron is also good to have around which can go over almost any part of the chair to smooth out the fabric nicely. It is used alot to cover over the white cotton felt.

Jute webbing used mostly for coil springs and openings in chair seats should be in your supplies. It is sometimes used to support the padding of the inside arms. Rubber webbing is not use that much.

There are many different clips used in recovering but have the spring clip, used to attach the zig zag spring to the frame, is probably the # 1 choice to have around.

Have a variety of decorative nails in brass and silver with different head sizes and nail length sizes.

You should also have foam of different thicknesses, maybe one to four inch in thickness. Foam can be used in most areas in furniture.

Jute Burlap is a cheap fabric to cover springs. This comes in 40 inch rolls and in a few different weights. Inexpensive decking, used in the place of fabric, will save you money and make the the customer happy.

These are just a few things to have in your supplies at all times. There is nothing like running out, you having to order, delaying you to finish a job for a week or two.

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