Upholstery Tips for the Home Upholsterer

Looking for some great upholstery tips for your weekend project. Upholstery can be done by almost anybody with a few lessons. Reading or learning through books is a hard way to learn.

Visual learning is a super way to learn and the two 8 hour DVDs below are the best I have ever seen. After 25 years of experience even I have learned a few tips that they hate to give away on these DVDs.

Ron Switchuk has mastered the art of re-upholstery by working in the trade since he was 16 years old. He began an intensive apprenticeship under the guidance of a German craftsman for four years in Vancouver, B.C. and received his journeyman certification in 1979. Following that he worked in various places adding knowledge about frame building and repairs, cutting, sewing, antique restoration, slip cover making, and all facets of the upholstery industry.

Since 1988, he has taught his craft as an continuing education instructor, garnering praise for his down-to- earth style and in depth knowledge of the trade.

In 1994, Ron started his own company Undercover By Design and is sought after by many designers, interior decorators and personal clients. His attention to detail, mastery of the art and congenial personality has made him popular in the furniture upholstery business.

In 2007, Ron appeared on television (CH Morning Live) as an expert of the trade.

His latest venture is the production of instructional DVDs covering all aspects of upholstery to pass along the expertise he has acquired. It is his goal to make the trade of upholstery easy to understand and learn so that the art can be taught for generations to come.

Beginner Upholstery DVD

This introductory DVD will teach you beginner upholstery essentials. Through detailed close ups and narration, you’ll be guided step-by-step on how to create toss pillows, upholster dining seats, make a box cushion, create cornice boxes and headboards, and also upholster a Bergere chair.

Many pearl of upholstery tips such as piping, invisible hand sewing, button application,show wood touch-up and foam unit preparations are demonstrated so you can complete your projects with a professional flair. Once you watch this DVD you will have the knowledge to complete your upholstered project with skill and ease. Great upholstery tips!!

Beginner Upholstery DVD:

Basic Tools

Fabric Fundamentals

Pullover Dining Seat

Boxed Dining Seat

Toss Pillows with Piping & Fringe

Hand sewing Techniques

Boxed and piped Cushion

Foam Unit cutting and preparation

Cornice (Valance) Box


Bergere Chair & Wood Touch ups And many, more tips and tricks…..

2 disc set, run time 3 hours and 15 min.

Advanced Upholstery Techniques DVD

his DVD will build on the techniques shown in the Beginner Upholstery DVD. Through detailed close ups and narration, you'll be guided step-by-step on how to reupholster an occasional chair and a wing chair,how to tie coil springs, usewebbing and no-sag springs, perfect diamond tufting and pleating techniques and complete an antique love seat. Many tricks and finishing methods and shared so that your project will look like it was professionally crafted.

Advanced Upholstery DVD Sections:

Basic Frame Repair

No Sag Spring & Webbing

Coil Spring Tyng

Upholstery Tips

Matching Patterns


Facings & Pleats

Diamond Tufting

Semi-Attached Cushion

Finishing Methods

Tips & Tricks

Wing Chair

Antique Loveseat

Occasional Chair

3 disc set, run time 5 hours

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