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What Do You Need.

You do not need a lot of upholstery tools for the job of recovering furniture. An industrial sewing machine with a walking foot would be nice, but most of the sewing can be done on a regular sewing machine if you use a larger needle. You can buy second hand industrial machines at a reasonable price.

When removing the old fabric you will need a stapler remover and a pair of diagonal nippers or pliers. When removing fabric, try to pull it off first. Any staples sticking up can be removed or cut off with the nippers. All the staples do not have to be removed but the remaining ones must be flattened down with a hammer to prevent injury when you are starting to reupholster the piece. If you cannot remove the fabric by pulling it off then a staple remover will have to be used.

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If your piece is older you might have to remove the tacks. These are removed quite easily with a ripping chisel. The head of the chisel is pushed up against the tack and the opposite end is hit with the side of a tack hammer. Be sure to wear eye protection while doing this procedure because the tacks can really fly. Again all the tacks do not have to be removed but hammer down the remaining ones.

If you are going to replace the jute webbing on a chair, one of the upholstery tools you will need is a webbing stretcher.This draws the webbing tight as a drum. What I mean by this, is when the webbing is stretched, tap it lightly and it sounds like a drum if is tight.

Next in line for upholstery tools is the stapler. I strongly recommend buying an air stapler and compressor. These items can be bought at most hardware stores inexpensively. If you are only a part timer you do not need anything fancy. You can buy a stapler and compressor for under $200 dollars. A hand stapler can be used also.

Another tool that is used quite often are hog ring pliers . I will explain these on a different page.

The best company for tools is C.S.Osborne & Co. On their web site you can order a free catalog at www.csosborne.com

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