Who invented Velcro

Velcro is used in upholstery in many different applications, but who invented Velcro.

A Swiss engineer by the name of Georges de Mestral walked his dog everyday in the Alps and burdock seeds (burrs) kept sticking to his clothes and his dogs fur. He examined the seed and saw the possibly of binding two materials together.

His invention worked and he named it after the French word velour's, meaning velvet and crochet, meaning hook.This is a bit of Velcro history

The hook and loop consist of the layers: the hook side which is a piece of fabric with tiny plastic hooks and a hook side which is also loops but much smaller and hairier. When pressed together the hooks latch onto each other and hold pieces together. The strength of the hook and loop is determined on how well the hooks are embedded in the loop.The strength of the bond also depends on how much surface area is in contact with the hook.

Some of the reasons automotive designers use this product instead of bolts and rivets are:

- Reliable holding power
- fewer assembly steps
- won't rust
- improved design flexibly
- fewer squeaks and rattles

Some of the uses that Velcro can be applied in upholstery fabrics would be for inside and outside backs. Attaching a head rest and arm covers would be other examples. There is also a polyester hook and loop that can stand up to weather and sunlight. Some of these uses would be tarps, boat tops and sail covers. It also comes in a variety of colors

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