Wholesale Leather Hides

If you are looking for great prices on wholesale leather hides check out this leather hide site More than Leather

This site specializes in offering you first quality Genuine Cowhides, in a wide variety of colors and sizes, perfect for all your high end upholstery needs as well as your craft requirements.

Dave from Tennessee and Steve from Canada scour the country for companies with excess inventory and sell to you at the very low wholesale prices. They have many contacts with major companies.They also answer each email personally.

They also supply you with samples mailed out the same day as most of our sales are.

This little business has been growing everyday.They also sell on other sites such as Ebay and Bonanza but you can get a better deal emailing us direct.


Ebay has very high fees as one recent sale of $795 I had to pay $85 in fees.This could be your savings

Hides sold by the hide is priced by the square foot and therefore the price varies according to the size of the hide. The actual size is determined by optical measuring devices at the tannery that print the hide size on the back of the hides. Your final chargers will be for the actual size of the hide, NOT the average hide size.

Sections of a hide

Belly F or G

Single Bend D or E

Double Back B+C+D+E+A

Side A+B+D+F or A+C+E+G

Back A+B+D or A+C+E

Double Shoulder B+C

Single Shoulder A+B or A+C

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