Spend a few extra dollars and get the best at Wiss shears

Scissors is one of the most important tools for upholstery and Wiss shears are one of the best companies to buy them from.

Wiss has been in the business since 1848 and is known for putting out the finest quality scissors throughout the world. They use only the finest of steels and with the experience of their skilled craftsmen. It has established a standard of excellence in the industry.The process with the inlaid blades provide a shear that is durable and has a long lasting cutting edge.

When buying scissors remember that when you buy 9 inch the measurement is taken from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. I personally like the larger sized shear that are 12" but 10" inlaid bent trimmer is probably the most common. Some shears are knife edge which means the lower blade has been ground to a 40-45 degree bevel for great improved cutting sharpness. The shears are also forged, which makes the metal harder so that the scissors stay sharp longer.This is important because you do not want to sharpen these everyday. The other very important factor is that because Wiss scissors have knife-edged blade this ensures that the blades cut down to the tip of the point so that the tightest corners and pinpoints can be easily and precisely cut. This makes your upholstery job much easier.

I cannot the importance of spending a few extra dollars on scissors because they will last you a lifetime.

Thread clip scissors are handy at the sewing machine for cutting off you threads or taking apart pieces that were not sewn right.

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